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Speech marksThank you for my reading on Thursday you were very accurate with what was happening in my life at the moment and I left glad I had seen you it was both reassuring and enlightening that what I felt and knew was picked up by you and was given back to me as a positive I can now move forward happily and contented this year thank you very much am glad you were recommended to me I will visit you again in the future many thanksSpeech marks


Speech marksHi Sara, I just want to say a huge thank you for my beautiful reading on Tuesday, I feel worlds lighter and incredibly soothed. Thank you very much, I've been recommending you to everybody ☺️ lots of love xxSpeech marks

Jenny, Lancaster

Speech marksI was at the lowest point in my life and a friend recommended Sara. I was a complete sceptic on anything such as readings and psychics. I thought I would give it a go, nothing more to lose. Sara read my current situation and was so accurate that what she said actually came to light the following day. Her straight forward, honest view of my situation and the accuracy was amazing, but more than anything Sara gave me hope from the place I was at and I knew having been with her I had a future and more importantly so did my daughters. Both my daughters visited her and she was again incredibly accurate. I returned for one more reading before I left the area and I probably will never have another reading unless it's with Sara. She made me look at myself more and ask the difficult question why did you stay, this has shown me to look at myself more. I can't thank Sara enough, she showed me guidance through some very dark days, gave me hope and a future but made me look at myself and I couldn't have done it without her. As they say, everyone comes into your life for a reason... Thank God Sara came into mineSpeech marks

P. Chaston

Speech marksI went to see Sara twice at a difficult time in my life, both in person and remotely. I was not only blown away by her accuracy, I was also refreshed by her clear communication, honesty and professional ethics. Sara works primarily with psychometry rather than traditional mediumship or clairaudience, which also makes a refreshing change from talking to someone who interrupts themselves mid-flow to tell you your Auntie Edna doesn’t like your neighbour’s blinds or to watch out for a bad knee in 20 years, which can be fun but not very constructive...especially if you don’t have an Auntie Edna.

There is absolutely no frills, fake flattery or speculative time fillers in Sara’s readings. She cuts to the chase when it comes to the questions you have asked her, and above all you feel that she has respect for you and has your best interests at heart as her client, which is why she has such a great reputation.

I personally believe that people who end up feeling cynical about psychics have often been to readers who lack self-care and don’t adequately protect themselves, their space or the client, and consequently get bad or even potentially disastrous information coming through from mischievous entities, which is something I have experienced a few times with someone who is meant to be one of the best in the business.

My reading with Sara was therefore completely different in terms of both content and energetic quality. Her reading was both practical and emotionally honest, and I knew on a deep level she was telling me the truth about the options available, how best to deal with my situation and the influences around me at that time.

I feel incredibly lucky that such a high quality psychic lives locally and I personally wouldn’t go anywhere else now for this type of reading. I have absolutely no doubt I will be back and have also recommended her to all my friends and family. If you are at a cross roads and want help to see a situation clearly, I cannot recommend Sara enough.Speech marks

AK, Lancaster

Speech marksI can seriously recommend you to everyone Sara Mia Bailey, thank you so much for our readings on Wednesday. You are the real deal, and the insights you gave me were exactly what I need to move forward from a stuck place in every area of my life. x :)Speech marks


Speech marksThank you so much for the reading I had with you last Tuesday, put my mind at rest over a few things and also nice to know a lovely future to come, just need to keep going ! Will definitely be back for another readingSpeech marks


Speech marksSara's lucidity is astounding. She seems to have an ear on what is going to manifest in your life. Straight away putting you at ease about events and happenings coming your way. In that sense you can let go of any anxieties about your future and let everything unfold naturally. I am still amazed when events and people appear in my life as if on queue confirming everything Sara told me. I love readings with Sara she is a beautiful being. Accurate and compelling.Speech marks

S Jennings

Speech marksSara's reading was amazing! I have never had a reading before that was so accurate, she was very precise in the insights she had, there was no guessing, or wishy-washy statements. Sara was able to lead me into a vision of the future which has totally changed the way I have been approaching things. She has an amazing gift and delivers it in such a grounded, gentle and humble way. I'm looking forward to future readings xSpeech marks

C Corcoran

Speech marksHad a great reading with Sara Mia Bailey today, very, very accurate and exciting as well, looks like this next 6 months are going to be very busy xSpeech marks

H Flatman Leece

Speech marksI had an amazing reading from Sara. It was several weeks ago now and I am still processing what she said. It was all positive, which is always a concern when asking someone to delve into your future. She gave me so much to dwell on, so many possibilities and made me positively excited for whatever comes next. Some of the things she picked up on, related to dreams I have never told anyone and things unique to me. I was moved by her compassion and connectedness and would recommend her to anyone - especially someone like me, who was never confident enough of a positive outcome to brave a reading. XxSpeech marks

N Garrett

Speech marksHi hon - just to tell you that various different people - completely independently, on a one to one with me keep asking me if I know of you! - and this is not me mentioning you at all they have just brought you up and shared their experience and recommended me to go to you!!! Lol!! X (I then put them in the picture that we know each other well) x apparently you are the hottest on the circuit for psychic readings and I suggest you get your business cards out!! XxSpeech marks

N Rae

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